The Club is established for the purpose of ensuring access to the Peter Matkovich designed golf course situated on the 495 hectare residential estate known as the Elements Private Golf Reserve by the registered owners of property situated on either the Elements Private Golf Reserve or the Waterberg Estate, by virtue of which they are members of either the Elements Body Corporate or the Waterberg Home Owners’ Association…
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The purpose for the architectural language and landscaping controls is to create a harmonious built environment that will be sympathetic to the existing natural beauty of ELEMENTS Private Golf Reserve (EPGR). The Elements Aesthetics Committee (EAC) comprising Professional Architects, Project Manager, one or more Trustees of the Estate and the Estate General Manager, therefore, have drawn up the following broad controls …

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The various energy efficiency requirements described in this section are regarded as the minimum standards necessary to qualify for a new electricity supply as previously defined. While this is not an exhaustive list of best energy efficiency practices, an applicant and their professional energy advisors will be expected to enhance levels of energy efficiency and electricity conservation where ever it is practical and prudent to do so…

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